About me

Mom, partner, educator, planner, pro multitasker, writer, Villanova Wildcat, (grand)daughter, sister, aunt, godmother, cousin, niece, friend, learner, storyteller…

…words that describe the roles I embrace. Family is the center of my world – not just the four people who make up most of my days, but my large extended family of relatives and friends, who will appear in and impact my writing to come.

My husband, Tim, and I are parents to Reese (10), Addie (8), and Jimmy (6). They are superheroes. They are full of energy and ideas and words (some that are really hard to hear and understand). They are each so different; together they bring joy, love, and light to my life. Tim is my true partner and greatest champion. And we all live with Charkie (named after the dog in Curious George), our 2-year-old rescue pup and furry best friends.

I’m from New England. I was born in Worcester, MA, and grew up in Shrewsbury. When I was 12, we moved to Newtown, CT where I attended middle and high school. I love the Cape, fall leaves, James Taylor, the Red Sox, and occasionally to use “wicked” as an adverb.

I am a proud Villanovan—that is where this journey and writing project began. An ’04 and ’06 grad, my network of friends, teachers, and mentors continues to support me in all that I do and for that I am grateful.

I have worked as an educator or in education in the Philadelphia region for 16 years. When school counseling and classroom teaching became too challenging, I began working with schools through nonprofits and strategic planning. I am passionate about supporting young people and working towards a model of education that serves all students in an equal and just way.

I’m a big believer in the power of a growth mindset. I’m an optimist. I operate like anything is possible and my bandwidth is super stretchy. I like lists, research, and plans. But I also like flexibility and days with no agenda. And I love learning and problem solving.

Kate Hayes Hoffman | kahayes@live.com