In pursuit of hearing

A multigenerational journey through hearing loss and cochlear implant gains

This project has been in the works for a while, as I have been in pursuit of hearing for the past 16 years. It is my hope that readers will find information and inspiration in the contributions to come. Cochlear implant technology is my next step and I look forward to sharing my journey, as well as the profound impact my family members’ unique hearing journeys, choices, and stories have had on me.

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I’ve been writing this post over the past several days. While it’s hard to fully capture activation in words, I hope this will give you some insight into my experience. Leading up to Friday, I reread my and my Mom’s reflections on her activation experience from 2001. Everyone was in the room, all the kids, […]

10 days later

I am feeling better. Thank you for all the well wishes, healing vibes, prayers, cards, soup, childcare, flowers; my network of support is overwhelming. I am beyond grateful. I knew the surgery would be hard, and it was. But each day has been a little better than the day before. At some point, I will […]

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